Changing the Halal Landscape In Vancouver

At the start of December 2016, a small halal revolution began on the West Coast of Canada.  With 25 original members, the Halal in Vancity Facebook group started to share halal restaurant information and reviews.  Within 2 weeks, the group had grown to 500 and by the end of the winter holidays, the group had surpassed the 1000 member mark.  By Valentine’s Day, more than 3500 halal Vancouverites had the group to use as a resource to plan their special Valentine’s plans with their loved ones.

Today, we are proud to launch the next stage of that revolution,  This online resource will let you search for all the halal options in Vancouver.  From Restaurants to butcher shops and grocery outlets to caterers and to banquet halls, we’ve got you covered.  You can search all these categories to your heart’s content and have someplace new to try every week of the year.

And if information is what you are after, the blog is going live as well.  Our bloggers range from medical and healthcare practitioners to foodies and restaurant reviewers.  There will be interesting content regarding all aspects of West Coast Halal life on the blog.

So come visit and visit often.  Your taste buds will not be disappointed!