Crispy || North Vancouver

I recently spent one of our warm sunny Vancouver summer Sundays with Mrs HalalVancity and Mama and Papa HalalVancity exploring Bowen Island.  After an exhausting day of hiking and admiring the gorgeous views on the ferry between Snug Cove and Horseshoe Bay, we ended up on the Vancouver mainland absolutely starving.  There was only one thing on our mind, good halal food!  So as soon as our ferry caught sight of the Horseshoe Bay terminal and we had enough data on our phones to bring up, we started searching to see what was close by.

North Vancouver is an underappreciated hotbed of halal restaurants and we settled on one that had come highly recommended by a couple local Lonsdale friends of ours, Crispy. We were not disappointed!  We walked in and were greeted by a delicious deli meat display from Taqwa.  From that moment, even though they had burgers and pizzas on the menu, we knew we were going to go for the sandwich option. We’ve heard a lot of clamor from the Halal loving community in the city complaining that there wasn’t a decent burger/sandwich place in town.  Well, to all those who clamor, I don’t think you have been to Crispy yet! We settled on Steak House and Chicken sandwiches with a couple sides of fries and we left absolutely stuffed.  We had sampled the takeout pizza from there previously and it was as good as any halal pizza we have had.

Ambiance wise, Crispy is clean and definitely a step up from the normal takeout style restaurants we have been accustomed to.  Whilst modest in decor, it is the type of place where you could comfortably sit with your family.

Overall, this restaurant gets a big thumbs up for us.  For any Halal Vancouverites heading out to the North shore for some fall hiking or a bit of winter skiing, Crispy should be on your list of places to stop by on your way home!

Looking forward to our next trip up!